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Founded in Cologne in 1978, Rehaforum Medical GmbH initially restricted itself to the distribution of heart catheters in Germany for a young company from the USA, which at the time was developing innovative products. Over the years both Rehaforum and the American company achieved large market shares in this article segment. Due to company takeovers in the USA, the distribution was returned to the inventors of the awarded products after a long successful cooperation. In the meantime, a separate company had been set up in Germany and the idea had matured to develop and sell products that were necessary for the patients after a heart operation.

Later, the areas of rehabilitation and everyday aids were added to the range. Products for orthopaedics as well as ergo therapy and physiotherapy were also added. At present, the product range comprises around 3,500 articles, of which around 400 are manufactured and sold under the Liberty, Progress, Pegasus, Actimo and RFM brands. In order to withstand the price pressure from abroad and still meet the high quality standards, Rehaforum Medical has had a branch in China since 2009. Thus the quality of the articles produced there can be controlled and guaranteed in the best possible way.

Since 2001, Rehaforum Medical GmbH has been located in Elmshorn, approx. 20 km northwest of Hamburg. The storage capacities amount to about 3,000m² and are distributed over three warehouses for logistical reasons. The dispatch of various handy articles still takes place in the headquarters in Daimlerstraße. The distribution of our goods takes place via the specialized trade (e.g. medical supply stores), wholesale partners, as well as via therapists and pharmacies. In other European countries these activities are carried out by our partners in Switzerland or Austria.

In addition to our own brands, we represent well-known companies from Germany and abroad, such as Therabath, Tenura, Brown Medical and Fresco. In addition, we also carry other well-known manufacturers in our product range (see Partners). We attach great importance to the quality of all products - which requires a good cooperation with suppliers and a careful selection of articles.